After taking Kan-Kil for two months my cancer on my head the doctor was cutting out has completely gone. Val Port Douglas

Total Health & Thermal Imaging
Carol Klemm

I am Carol Klemm and have been purchasing and receiving service from Diedre Brophy for over 10 years now.I had a lot of health issues, serious ones that landed me in Atherton Hospital on a drip Bladder, Kidney etc.I suffered for 51 years. Now all gone and i believe i will never have the problem again.

Total Health & Thermal Imaging
Judith Warrie
I had a medical problem where it would have required radical surgery. I’d had the mammogram and the ultrasound AND I didn’t need for anyone else to tell me i had a problem that had to be dealt with quickly.
When I walked out of the Breast Clinic facility, all I could think of was how was I  going to tell my immediate family. I cried too much over that, and procrastinated for days about how I was going to tell the rest of the family. Reason being, 5 years earlier i lost my eldest son (31 years old) to Esophagus cancer, 2 years prior, my beautiful 26year old niece to breast cancer – my mother had a mastectomy, my brother in law also died of cancer).  So it wasn’t like i was being introduced to cancer for the very first time. i knew what would be ahead of me.
i had three choices only, (1) do nothing (2) get to Townsville and get my boob off and deal with the aftermath which is an unknown depending on the individual (3) follow up with a Dee Brophy that I had heard of as being an amazing professional in alternative therapies.
i am an Australian Indigenous person and i have a different perspective on physical and emotional wellbeing.  i had heard about the amazing work Dee Brophy at Total Health was doing, (who was known by friends and colleagues as far south as Mackay and Brisbane) who in her wisdom had a Thermal Imaging machine that could pinpoint the whereabouts and the extent of my condition  and a one stop shop where i could purchase all the ‘necessities’ that could (in my estimation) help me.
i knew what i wanted and had to do, but i needed someone like Dee to help me make an informed decision.
I am so thankful that i made a personal choice for myself about how i was going to deal with my own medical health problem.  I am talking breast cancer and going down the chemo road, to an ALTERNATIVE or doing nothing.
I chose what we all call an alternative but for me, it was a natural choice.  After an appointment with Dee at Total Health, I felt as thought a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, my stress levels took a downturn dive. I followed a very strict regime e.g. A natural diet and changed approach to dealing with the problem.
The value of Dee’s wisdom and knowledge, far outweighs the business side that is required.
i am so thankful i made the choice to contact her. 10years to the present day and i have no regrets whatsoever, only gratitude that i made a decision that was mine to make and live with no matter what the outcome.
Thanks to Dr. Deidre Brophy  who  provided me with a service I needed and the benefit of her wisdom and knowledge. I can probably say ‘I owe her my life’. Bit farfetched you say, bit dramatic, maybe, but ‘Gee, did I feel great!!’. I kept my full time employment throughout without a sick day off.  I felt healthier, happier as each  day passed and I got my life back on track.
Posted 2013
Total Health & Thermal Imaging
Total Health & Thermal Imaging
Carlene Lohlerger

“I came in for Emu oil capsules and you deserve 5 STARS!”for your service and wide range of products. Carlene

Total Health & Thermal Imaging
Massage, trigger point and adjustment to tailbone

I would like to thank Tamara for fixing my Vertigo last week. Awesome job girl. Dee.